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Fully operational vineyard estate

Land Price, EUR
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Net profit - investor, EUR
2 700 000
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This fully operational vineyard estate is located on the edge of the Montenegrin traditional wine region of Crmnica.


It lies on the fertile land situated in less than 5 kilometers from the seafront and 7km from the Skadar Lake national park.


The property has an area of c.a. 2 hectares. Vineyard land is lying on the cascade plot with slight decline. The domain elevation is approximately 20 m above the sea level.


There is a wine cellar of 150 m2, a 2-bedroom residential unit of 100m2, degustation room of 40 m2 with 50 m2 terrace, and utility building (staff’s premises + warehouse) of 60m2.


There is a new asphalt road access to the estate.

The estate size is c.a. 2 hectares. The land plot lies in cascade terraces with a flat slope. The estate position is elevated 20 m above the sea level.


There are over 5000 fertile vines on the estate’s territory, some of which are over 120 years old. This adds a special flavor and recognized quality to the wine.

Apart from vines there are about 100 olive trees situated on the estate’s territory as well as tens of figue, peach, apple and other fruit trees.


There are 2 alternative water supplies – municipal water pipe and local spring water. High quality electric grid, phone landline.


The estate is fully supplied with equipment and mechanization for maintenance of the grapes and wine production. Wine cellar is fully equipped for production and storage of wine.

There is also a full set of equipment for distillery and bottling of grape rakija.


The estate is internationally recognized for its produce as being one of the best in this part of Europe, with award being granted on many international fairs.


The estate is registered for the production of wine and has all necessary permissions and licenses from the authorized state bodies. No extra approvals are needed for planting the new vines.