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For property buyers in Montenegro we offer:

1. Selection of the best properties and property purchase deal support up to signing of the sales contract:*

• Property selection in Montenegro in accordance with your criteria,
• Real estate market analysis,
• Advisory on all costs associated with the property purchase and property maintenance,
• Assistance in apartments booking,
• Meeting at the airport,
• Property site visit tour (free of charge within first 2 days),
• Preliminary legal examination of the property title documents,
• Formation of a documentation package for the sales and purchase deal,
• Bank account opening in Montenegro,
• Financial, banking and legal advice at all stages,
• Assistance in English, French, Russian, Serbian.

*Important - our services in property purchase up to the signing of the sales contract are absolutely free of charge for you as we're paid our Agent fee by the property owners who know us as serious and professional company. This Fee in our case is 3-5% of the deal price. We never add our fee on top of the Seller's price! This guarantees that dealing through us you obtain the same or sometimes even lower price (due to our good knowledge of the local market) as if you would have dealt directly with the Seller.


2. Consulting services to corporate and wealthy private investors who wish to carry out investment projects in Montenegro:

• Development and implementation of an investment strategy,
• Preparation of a feasibility study for the project,
• Financial modeling,
• Project Management,
• Marketing and sale,
• Opening and maintenance of legal entities in Montenegro for the project,
• Accounting Services,
• Legal services.


3. Business brokerage in Montenegro

• Selection of running business for sale in Montenegro,
• Preliminary financial analysis on running business,
• Preliminary legal analysis of the business structure,
• Structuring the running business purchase deal in the buyer's interest.


4. "After sale service” package*
• Getting the cadaster ruling on ownership title transfer (based on power of attorney)
• Receiving the property turnover tax notification and payment of the respective tax (based on power of attorney)
• Obtaining the ownership title in the buyer's name (based on p-o-a)
• Registration or transfer of electricity, water, waste disposal contracts to the new owner.
• Assistance with telephone, Internet , Wi-Fi, cable TV installation.

* This package is paid by the buyer. For package price or calculation of individual service’s cost, please contact our managers.

5. Additional services

• Account opening in Montenegro,
• Company registration and maintenance in Montenegro
• Translation services,
• Client assistance and representation in various authorities,
• Assistance in furniture purchase,
• Construction, renovation and finishing works,
• Transfers.