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ID 14605
Location Kolasin
Land Area, м2 2500
Land Price, EUR 975 000
Gross Development (GD) ratio 0,8
Plot utilization index 0,4
Nb of storeys allowed 3
Nb of units 5
Master Plan Approval
Construction permit obtained
Funding requirement - investor, EUR 2 541 750
Project timeframe, months 24
Total project revenue - base case EUR 3 880 150
Net profit - investor, EUR 1 338 400
ROI 53%
IRR, % 30
Disount rate, % 8
NPV, EUR 941838

TARA RESORT VILLAGE is a project of club-village which consists of 11 villas, styled extrenally and internally as ski chalets, destined both for active winter and summer sports fans and for thouse who search for a perfect natural retreat surrounded by nature and in pure ecology.


TARA RESORT VILLAGE is conceptually divided into 2 parts:

Club Hotel TARA RESORT designed as a hotel property providing year-round rental yield for its owners, and

several individual ski chalets which are privately owned and could be used as a winter homes. Those chalets could also be included into the rental pool of the Club Hotel, at their owner’s discretion.


CLUB HOTEL TARA RESORT is a year-round eco-resort with club system, which includes up to 5 ski chalets united by the common commercial premises on the ground floor level (restaurants, cafes, ski rental premises, shops, etc). The hotel is destined to accommodate the active sports fans both in winter (ski resort visitors) and summer (rafting, mountain biking, tracking, fishing, horse riding etc).

Individual chalets (6 units), which are designed as private homes but could also be added to the rental pool of Club Hotel TARA RESORT.


TARA RESORT VILLAGE is a first phase of the wider development project, known as TARA SPLENDID RESORT, which is situated on the land plot of over 14000 м2 and consisting of 3 phases, which could be developed simultaneously or subsequently, without having impact on the other parts of the project (an interlocking bricks constructor principle).

Gross development area of all tourist, residential and commercial units under the project is 14300 m2, of which 4600m2 is 11 chalets of Tara Resort Village, 3000 m2 – Tara Splendid Hotel-1, 4500 m2 – Tara Splendid Hotel-2, an entertainment center of 1.500 m2, and service and commercial premises of up to 700m2.


TARA RESORT VILLAGE project sits on the land plot of 5749 м2 and represents 11 villas under construction with gross floor areas from 320 to 495 м2, each of which is situated on its own land plot from 400 to 500 м2.
The village also has a common territory, situated on the land plot which belongs to the current owner of the project, which is not going to pass to the new owners of chalets. This common territory is located on the plot of 2.561 м2. According to the project, this plot is used for internal roads (c.a. 1.500 м2), power station (49 м2), gas station (278 м2) and car parking (907 м2). This common territory is to be used both by residents of TARA RESORT VILLAGE, and vistiors of TARA SPLENDID-1 and TARA SPLENDID-2 hotels.


As of January, 2016 all 11 chalets within TARA RESORT VILLAGE are unfinished constructions in different stages of completion:


Chalets №1-5 (included into Club Hotel TARA RESORT) are in higher degree of completion:
• Water and sewerage pipes are installed and connected,
• Windows are installed,
• Roofwork is fully completed,
• Facade works and exterior finishes are completed,
• Power is connected through the temporary scheme. Preparation works are accomplished for construction of a new power station 110/0,4 kW.
• Internal preparation for finishing works are accomplished.


Chalets №6-11 are in a shell stage:
• Shell of a house is completed (brick and concrete),
• Basic roofing works are done,
• Water and sewerage are brought by the houses,
• Power is connected through the temporary scheme.


Club Hotel Tara Resort:

Min investment outlay (purchase of 5 chalets), EUR 975,000
Total investment requirement, hotel of 5 chalets (35 rooms) with commercial premises (550 m2)
EUR 2,541,750

Price includes (for each chalet):
• Land plot under the villa (400-500 m2 depending on the villa),
• Price of the chalet as is,
• Stake in the common land plot (common territory used for roads and infrastructure of the whole project)
• Cost of connection to public utilites (water, sewerage) – permissions and work,
• Masterplan of the development,
• Construction project of the chalet,
• Paid communal tax for the construction permit – EUR 85 per m2


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